The history, culture and lifestyle of Georgians are embodied in their wine, which presents a symbol of the hospitality, friendship and tolerance. The fertile land of Kakheti, burning sun and hard work have developed about 500 varieties of wine in Georgia, a greater diversity than anywhere else in the world, with around 40 of these grape...


Qarayazi hunting farm was created in the end of XIX century and was favorite place for hunting, fishing and recreational purposes of the Romanov’s family and ex-soviet government members. It is located in the unique flora and fauna environment in the area of the Gardabani Managed Reserve. Territory includes about 3079,4 Ha of the endemic floodpline.  


Georgia is situated on the Black Sea coast between the mountain ranges of the Greater Caucasus in the north and the Lesser Caucasus in the south. It’s a country of incredible landscapes, rugged mountains, rivers, valleys and meadows, medieval towns, good food, fantastic wine, one of the world’s oldest languages and hospitable people. It’s perfect place for hiking.


We visit all Georgia’s most stunning natural environments. Our adventure trips drive up to remote mountainous areas, meet local people and witness their customs. We also specialize in trekking and many other outdoor activities. Our holidays vary according to the tour and the accessibility of the sites. In the case if Fishing, Diving, Para-Gliding, Hunting, Rafting and etc. attracts you Concord Travel is the best way to make your wish come true


Georgia is situated on the Black Sea coast between the mountain ranges of the Greater Caucasus in the north and the Lesser Caucasus in the south. The architecture of the country has been influenced by different architectural styles with some from the medieval period. The country is home to UNESCO World Heritage Sites. They are namely; Bagrati Cathedral and Gelati Monastery, Mtskheta Historical Monuments, and Upper Svaneti Caucasus mountains, villages, and tower houses.

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Beni Travel Georgia was founded by two friend, Irakli Beruchashvili and David Nizharadze. History, which is related to the creation of the idea is especially interesting. The reason for the creation of the company is our country’s greatest love and our purpose – to express and share this feeling to every resident of the world.

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Historical Georgia

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