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One day tour – Visit with Wine Gallery “…the only country in the world where winemaking methods that were developed up to 8,000 years ago have not been abandoned, but remain in many ways best practice.” ANDREW JEFFORD, WINE WRITER, FINANCIAL TIMES Wine Gallery “offers a wide range of alcoholic drinks., We are presented with...


“GIUAANI” Winery Centuries Old History, Told In a One Day Giuaani Winery is located in the historic village of Manavi, the heartland of Georgian wine production in the Caucasus region of Kakheti, where our ancestors have produced wine for centuries. Giuaani Winery was built with the use of modern technological advances while taking into account...


 “VINERIA KAKHETI” DUGLADZE WINE COMPANY, WINE SHOP, BOTANICAL GARDEN, RESTAURANT & WINE CELLAR , GALLERY OF GEORGIAN ART, Restaurant and wine cellar Vineria Kakheti is located in a century old beautiful botanic garden, just 30 minutes drive from Tbilisi. Explore traditional winemaking, exquisite Georgian cuisine and enjoy wine tasting, as well as our special offer distill and...


The history of the company starts from the village Askana, located in the western Georgia, where the old cellar, built by their ancestors still stands. In 1998 brothers decided to revive the tradition and founded company «Askaneli brothers». For now it is the one of the largest winery in Georgia Grape – The production of our wines starts from the...


The history, culture and lifestyle of Georgians are embodied in their wine, which presents a symbol of the hospitality, friendship and tolerance. The fertile land of Kakheti, burning sun and hard work have developed about 500 varieties of wine in Georgia, a greater diversity than anywhere else in the world, with around 40 of these grape...

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Our Story

Beni Travel Georgia was founded by two friend, Irakli Beruchashvili and David Nizharadze. History, which is related to the creation of the idea is especially interesting. The reason for the creation of the company is our country’s greatest love and our purpose – to express and share this feeling to every resident of the world.

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