Advanture Extremal Winter Tour Tour on Glacier in "Kazbegi"

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$From USD 140 Per Person per person
7 Days
More than 1
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Day 1

Transfer/Check in

Meeting at Airport
Transfer to hotel in Tbilisi
Overnight in Hotel in Tbilisi

Day 2

Transfer to "Kazbegi"

Breakfast at Hotel in Tbilisi
Transfer to "Kazbegi"
3 – hours way to Gergeti village / Kazbegi - (Kazbegi district)
Resting and having of snack, and then ascending to Gergeti Trinity
About in 5 hours from Gergeti Trinity (simple walkway) we will reach Sabertse - for first overnight.
– (I –acclimatization)

Day 3

Up to Tetri Jvari

✔️Day 3
- Up to Tetri Jvari (White Cross) we will arrive in 4 hours (after registration in meteo-station of glacier), we will put up tents, put ourselves in order, have a dinner, rest and sleep –
– (II - acclimatization);

Day 4


✔️Day 4
We will familiarize ourselves with working with equipment. We will rest and go for sleep early – at 19:00 o’clock
– (III - acclimatization)

Day 5

Great Impression

✔️Day 6
Is the reserve day for ascending the glacier in case if weather was spoiled;
On the sixth or seventh day we will wake up when we like to, break the camp and come back to Tbilisi;
P.S. On our way, under conditions of full democracy we will decide if to stop and have a snacks in "sakhinkle"
Wonderful! Fantastic! Unforgettable! Unimaginable! Unseen! Universe as created! Untouched ! Not besmirched, spoiled from the very beginning.

Good bye and remembering the symbolic gifts from Beni Travel Georgia. Thank you for visiting.

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Tour on Glacier in "Kazbegi"

$From USD 140 Per Person per person
7 Days
More than 1

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